Answer the questions to find out!

How often do you wash your hair?
Enough to always keep it nice and shiny.
Not often, I don't have much hair!
Everytime someone calls me.
I don't wash my hair.
Whenever I take a shower.

Who's your favorite politician?
Politics suck.

What musician/group makes you feel bubbly inside?
Britney Spears

Describe yourself.
I'm a monster!
I'm a small-screen actor.
I'm small and shy.
I like to harass people online.
I'm highly charismatic.

Describe your style.
There's nothing better than a flannel and some ripped jeans.
Anything that's comfortable.
Three to six layers of clothes.
I'm a naturalist.
Whatever fits!

Have you ever done drugs?
Yes, and I've gone to rehab.
No, beer isn't a drug!
Yes, beer is a drug.

Joining a band is for...
kicks, man.
making a good noise.
the music.
taking your anger and frustrations out.
the girls (or guys).

What's your favorite quote?
Censorship is bullshit.
It's better to burn out than to fade away.
Feelings check: I feel ugly.
Drugs are a waste of time.
Shut up, Beavis.

Which Nirvana song starts out best?
Lounge Act
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Senseless Apprentice

Grunge is...
something you were apart of, but weren't exactly able to pinpoint it.
the stuff on your shower curtains.
some stupid label.
punk rock meets the Beatles.

Do you stand out in the crowd?
Yes, no one can see past me.
Yes, I'm a loudmouth.
I'm never in crowds.
No, I just sit in the corner and stare.

If you're designing a riff you are going to...
make it with your teeth
play it on a twelve-string guitar
practice it in the closet
throw it out
design it, but keep it a secret.

If you win an award, it's likely you are going to...
put it next to your dolls
appreciate it, but know it's not everything
worship it
put it in your bathroom
put it next to your life-sized Buddha statue

If you are in a band, you would most likely sing...
nothing, you'd be too busy bouncing about the stage.
the Beatles.

In your free time, you watch...
the news.
black and white movies.
I Love Lucy
re-runs of old shows
Celebrity Deathmatch

This quiz was made byContverted (Justin) and Anomalously (Devin) Leave us a comment at either (or just read about our lives). We appreciate knowing that people do take this.